ANALOGUE | preset by Maxine Stevens

ANALOGUE | preset by Maxine Stevens
ANALOGUE | preset by Maxine Stevens
ANALOGUE | preset by Maxine Stevens
ANALOGUE | preset by Maxine Stevens
ANALOGUE | preset by Maxine Stevens
Product image 1ANALOGUE | preset by Maxine Stevens
Product image 2ANALOGUE | preset by Maxine Stevens
Product image 3ANALOGUE | preset by Maxine Stevens
Product image 4ANALOGUE | preset by Maxine Stevens
Product image 5ANALOGUE | preset by Maxine Stevens

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An analogue look & feel on all your photos.   

There are a confusing number of photo editing apps, and even then, the outcome simply isn't THAT. Moreover, to create the style you like takes up a lot of time. 

"Superb service, really personal! I'm very happy with my presets and I'm definitely going to buy some more" - Sofie

Using the ANALOGUE preset, you can instantly give your photos an analogue look in a matter of seconds.

The preset can be easily installed on your smartphone and computer, and works on all photos. This preset is essential if you like to take beautiful photos.

This one is perfect for you if:
✔️ You like analogue photos
✔️ You like to have a grain in your photos (which is adaptable).
✔️ You want to edit ALL your photos: outdoor and indoor photos, through all seasons

✔️ Soft colours
✔️ 6 preset variants
✔️ Customizable 'grain' in the photos
✔️ You can adjust the 'warmth' of the photo by yourself
✔️ Perfect for any kind of photo
✔️ Created for use on your phone and/or computer

"What a great tool to quickly and easily edit your photos! Blessed, can't live without it!" - Sharon

Why presets? 
💛 Beautiful pictures in just 1 click
💛 Instant download
💛 Ready-to-go professional photo editing
💛 Works seamlessly with the free Lightroom app
💛 No prior knowledge required, anyone can do it

Why Maxine Stevens? 
💛 30,000+ downloads 
💛 7,000+ happy customers
💛 Get started in 2 easy steps 
💛 Personal email and chat support

What happens after purchasing? 
You will instantly receive a download link in your inbox, along with the easy installation instructions. 

What is a preset?

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A preset is a kind of 'filter', but better. It's my professional photo edit which you can apply to your photos in just one click. Are you just starting out? It will take 10-15 minutes to start. Are you already familiar with the app? Then you can do it in under one minute.

With what app?
The presets can be used with the free 'Lightroom CC' app (for Android and iOS). You can start using it in no time, and you can use the preset for a lifetime (as long as you have the Lightroom app on your phone).

Benefits of the free 'Lightroom CC' app
✔️ Super easy
✔️ Works on any smartphone
✔️ Personal email and chat support

Do you want to use Lightroom on your computer?
You can, but you do need a subscription with Adobe (the mobile app, on the other hand, is completely free and is sufficient for all edits and presets).

Will I be able to install these myself?
Sure you will! You don't need any basic knowledge to use a preset. You get all the information you need, in my manual and through personal support. I promise you that I can teach you how to edit a photo in 10 minutes. Challenge accepted? ;-)

What do I do when I buy a new smartphone?
You can toss the presets on ALL your photos and you'll have them for good, even if you buy a new smartphone! You can use the presets with the free 'Lightroom' app (for Android and iOS). You can start using them in no time, I'll help you with that!

Hi, I'm Maxine!

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As soon as I became a mom, I started taking more and more pictures, because who wouldn't want all those memories ...

However, I was editing every photo from scratch, and I tested just about each and every editing app. It was insane!

So, to make it easier for all mama's, I started making presets for Lightroom. A preset is an instant photo edit that you can apply to your photos in just 1 click.

It's incredibly easy, anyone could do it!

And we have already had over 30,000 downloads!

You can try them out, but beware, they can get you hooked! ;-)

Lightroom presets by Maxine Stevens

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Maak in no-time mooie foto's en herinneringen. Wil jij ook freebies en zalige tips & tricks? 

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