Help, my preset doesn't work! aka troubleshooting :-)

The download link does not work (on my smartphone)

On some smartphones the download link doesn't work, or it doesn't seem possible to save the file to your smartphone. 


  • You can open the download link on a computer or other smartphone, and then send it to your own smartphone (e.g. as an attachment in whatsapp or mail, bluetooth, file sharing, dropbox ... ). 
  • In some cases, there's just not enough free memory. Check if you still have enough memory on your smartphone.  

I don't know which app to use to open the preset?

The presets work with the free Lightroom CC app for Android and iOS. The presets can not be opened on their own. 

I can't import the preset into the Lightroom app.


  • In some cases, there's just not enough free memory. Check if you still have enough memory on your smartphone. 
  • Android: start from within Lightroom, don't try to open presets through the app, yet import them into the app through the correct steps!
  • Sometimes you can't find the right folder if you want to add the preset in Lightroom. Then it can be useful to start from the presets: navigate in your smartphone to the files you have downloaded, select them (possibly all at once), and add them to Lightroom (add/ share/open ... ). 

The preset doesn't work. Now what?

Does your photo remain exactly the same when you apply the preset? 


  •  Most problems are solved if you just delete the preset and reinstall it. 

My picture is too light/dark. Now what? 


  • If your photo isn't quite to your liking yet, first use the 'exposure' slider (under the 'light' tab in the app). This keeps the other settings of the preset intact.  

I want to adjust the preset, is that possible?

Yes, that's the great thing about presets! You can start with the preset you downloaded, and then you can make adjustments. If you find yourself making the same adjustments over and over again, we would encourage you to save them as a preset of your own! 


No! It still doesn't work! 

Send us an email with a screenshot and some explanation about the problem. We'll get back to you asap!

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