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Frequently asked questions:

How does a preset work?
A preset is like a filter, but better. It’s our professional photo edit which you can apply to your photos with just one click. Just starting out? It will take you approximately 10 to 15 minutes to get started. Already use the Lightroom app? Then it will take less than a minute to install.

Applying a preset is just 1 click. 
What do I get when I buy a preset? 
You'll receive an instant download link through email.

The files are '.dng' files (for iPhone) and '.xmp' files (for desktop and Android). You can save them on your smartphone and import them directly into the free Lightroom app.
My photos have different exposure, can I only work with one and the same filter? 
There are a number of variants that go into each preset so that they’ll fit each photo. However, if you apply the preset to an underexposed photo rather than a photo in bright sunshine, the result may be slightly different. You can easily adapt the brightness of a photo in the free Lightroom app. 

Can I test the presets? 
You sure can! Mail some unedited photos to team@maxinestevens.com, and we'll send you some sample edits. :-)

Which app do you use for these presets?
Use the presets in the free 'Lightroom CC' app (for Android and for iOS). If you’ve never used this app before, make sure you can install the app first as the digital downloads are non-refundable.
Is the Lightroom app free? 
Yes, the mobile version of lightroom's app is free. There is a free version and a paid version, but the free version is sufficient for applying the presets and all photo editing.

Can I install the presets myself?
Of course! You don’t need any basic knowledge whatsoever to use a preset. Our step by step guide will help you through the entire process. Still have questions? Please email us so we can help!
What if I buy a new smartphone?
You can use the presets on ALL your photos and they’re yours forever, even if you buy a new smartphone! Please keep a backup of your purchased presets, in the same folder as you keep your photos, for example.
Is the camera on my smartphone good enough?
Yes, our presets are tested on real smartphone pictures. It’s important to have a light image, dark photos can be tricky for any kind of photo editing. Keep that in mind while using presets: this is essentially a professional photo edit on your pictures, and some images might be too dark to edit. You can always ask for a sample edit before purchasing :-)

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