Autumn Weekend

My 3 most popular presets, with -62% off

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The coziest autumn photos ♡

Upgrade your memories with the perfect preset for every photo! These presets are easy to install on your smartphone and computer!

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Level up your photos in seconds, with a beautiful and consistent result each time. Great for your photo albums, Instagram feed, or just for scrolling through your photo gallery.

Autumn Weekend →

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Upgrade your photos in 1 click

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Autumn Weekend

$33 (coming from $120)

Do you enjoy drinking a hot chocolate and watching a movie during these cozy autumn days?

Create even more beautiful autumn photos:
✔️ the cutest photos of your autumn walks with the kids
✔️ edit your cozy home photo shoot with your kids
✔️ Create the most beautiful photos for your albums
✔️ Enjoy all the nice comments on your lovely photos

With the Autumn Weekend Bundle you receive my 3 most popular presets with a -62% discount! 

GOLDEN HOUR preset worth $39.99
✔️ Warm tones
✔️ 7 presets included
✔️ Perfect for all outdoor photos, not only for photos during golden hour

LIGHT & MINIMAL preset worth $39.99
✔️ Fresh colors
✔️ 5 presets included
✔️ Adjustable exposure, so you can go lighter or darker
✔️ This preset shines in photos with natural daylight

MINIMAL NUDE preset worth $39.99
✔️ Bright, fresh photos in 1 hue
✔️ Warm tones in your photos (which you can customize)
✔️ Light tones
✔️ 9 presets included (!)

21 presets in 3 collections

Now $33 (coming from $120)

Editing your photos can take up a lot of time. Plus, the outcome may not be as good as you expected.

Level up your photos in a matter of seconds, and get a beautiful, consistent result each and every time. Perfect for your photo albums, Instagram feed, or just for scrolling through your photo gallery.

Why presets?
💛 Beautiful pictures in just 1 click
💛 Instant download
💛 Ready-to-go professional photo editing
💛 Works seamlessly with the free Lightroom app
💛 No prior knowledge required, anyone can do it!

Why Maxine Stevens?
💛 30,000+ downloads
💛 10,000+ happy customers
💛 Get started in 2 easy steps
💛 Personalized email and chat support

What happens after purchasing?
You will instantly receive a download link in your inbox, along with the easy installation instructions. 

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Now with a 62% discount
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