The first month with your baby: 10 little things you really want to remember

The first month with your baby is an incredibly special time for the whole family - you’ll want to soak it all up!

The difficulty with soaking it all up is that you’ll also be exhausted, and this is where the beauty of newborn photography comes in. By making sure you snap a couple of photos a day, you’ll have some wonderful memories to look back on - sleep-deprivation doesn’t have to get in the way!

Here are 10 little things you really want to remember through the magic of photos.

1. Their birthday!

This might very well be the biggest day of your life so far, and it’s definitely going to be theirs! Make sure that you get lots of shots of your baby on their very first day in the world. You might like to have a birth photographer present, or just ask your birth partner to be in charge of capturing those special moments in the first 24 hours.

2. The first time they feed

Whether breastfeeding or bottle-feeding, the first time your baby feeds is beautiful. You’ll want to remember their tiny face and mouth and how adorable they looked during their first big milestone out of the womb.

3. Coming home

Bringing your baby home is a huge step in your life as a parent and something that you’ll treasure forever. It’s the beginning of your baby’s life within your family as well as the start of parenting - after all, once you arrive home the real fun starts!

4. Weekly changes

Take a photo of your baby each time they reach a new week - looking back, it will be amazing to see how quickly your newborn baby grew!

5. Time with Dad

Though Dad might not have spent as much time connecting with the baby as you during pregnancy - after all, they were in your womb! - this makes their first few days together even more special. Capture it!

6. The first time they meet their family

Take a moment to capture the beautiful smiles of your friends and family the first time they set eyes upon your bundle of joy. These are memories that you will all love to look back on for a lifetime.

7. Special moments with you

An obvious one, but don’t forget to record some special moments between you and your newborn too! Whilst it’s easy to remember to take photos of everyone else, remind people to take some photos of you too.

8. Their tiny-ness

Take a photo that shows just how tiny your baby is during their first few weeks. You might like to place them next to a toy or nestle them in the centre of a large bed. Looking back, you won’t believe they were ever that small!

9. A sleepy face

With the amount of time that your baby spends sleeping, this will be one of the easiest photos to take. Your camera will likely be full of them in no time. A sleeping baby is irresistible to watch for good reason - they just look so peaceful.

10. A funny face

Though tiny, newborn babies make some of the funniest faces. From drunk-milk faces to double chins and curiosity, every moment is an opportunity to capture a funny face - you’ll need to have your phone or camera on hand for these!

What’s one newborn moment that you’ll be sure to capture on camera?


Blog by Keira Leane

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