Our Top 5 Tips for Taking Pictures of Kids in Motion

Every parent knows although there is nothing more joyful than watching your kids laugh, jump, run, and play together outside, capturing these fleeting moments isn’t quite as pleasant. Children are little balls of energy, constantly exploding with motion from the moment they wake up. Being able to take a photo of that motion that comes out crisp, in focus, and clear can be hard for even the most experienced of photographers, which is why we want to make you a kids’ photography expert today.

Your children will only be the age they are presently for today. You know how quickly they grow up, which is why we want you to capture every little moment in a photo you can cherish forever. Therefore, here are our top 5 tips for taking pictures of kids in motion:

  1. Take Photos of Your Kids as They Are – Don’t Pose Them: 
    Sometimes as parents, we want to step in and do what’s best for our kids. But, when it comes to capturing your kids in the blissful playtime that they dive headfirst into every day, you need to take photos of them as they are. The best pictures are the ones that are impromptu. Forcing your kids to stop moving and sit still for a photo isn’t going to work – trust me. Children can’t fake emotions, which is why you need to work with their natural movement.
  1. Engage Your Kids in the Shots:
    Many times, adults assume they have to talk simplistically to communicate with a child. In fact, when it comes to something like photography, engage with your children and build a rapport that allows them to become part of the process. Let them know you want to capture them doing what they love the most. Ask them to show you what makes them happy. They will be so excited to share with you what sets their soul on fire, and that kind of joy will be tangible in the photos you take.
    1. Get Down on Their Level:
      Remember, you are a lot taller than your kids. Shooting them from above is a farther distance than getting down on their level, which can contribute to blurrier finished results. Squat down, or even lay down, so you are right on par with their eyeline. They will love seeing you playing along with them in their own little worlds.
    1. Recognize if They Are Tired or Frustrated:
      If your kid has been outside playing for two-hours, it might not be the best time to bring out the camera. They may be tired, hungry, or ready for bed. This exhaustion will be exacerbated if you put pressure on them to keep performing for the camera. Instead, catch them at the beginning of a play session so they are more likely to cooperate with the photography.
      1. Use Natural Light:
        Dawn and dusk are still the best times to take photos, and that goes for playful photography. The even lighting will make it easier for your camera to focus on the subject without blurring. But, be sure to catch it before it gets too dark and motion makes it hard to outline your children.

    The best tactic for mastering motion-filled child photography is practice! Don’t be nervous. Get out there and bond with your children.

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