4 Kinds of photos to take with your kids right at home

Every parent wants to catch those fleeting, priceless moments that come and go as we raise our kids. One minute we blink, and the next thing you know, our kid is suddenly going off to their first day of school. It can all go so quickly, which is why photography is such an amazing tool at our disposal. 

Photos freeze a memory in time. They help us capture the indescribable feeling of watching our bundles of joy get older. I know for me, photography has become one of my passions that I can share with my children. We make memories together, and we take photos of those memories to share with everyone else in our lives. 

Naturally, due to the pandemic today, we aren’t exactly able to galivant and travel around like we once were. With my kids, we get creative at home to stage photoshoots and share the finished results with the people we love the most. If you’re itching to get some content curated of you and your kids, we’ve got you covered.

 Here are 4 kinds of photos you can take with your kids right at home:

  1. The Throwing Shot: Who doesn’t love a photo of children laughing after having thrown something up in the air? It can be confetti, glitter, or anything else that will make them smile. Have them sit down in a studio room and go to town with the material while you snap their genuine happiness watching it all rain down from the sky. Basic smartphones can capture this kind of still-frame shot. Just make sure you have proper lighting or plenty of natural light pouring in from the window.
  2. Cooking Moments: What’s more fun than baking cookies with your kids? Hand them the bowl and spatula and watch them navigate the recipe while you capture photos. You can place the phone or camera on a tripod in front of the counter and have it capture candid pictures of you and your kids baking. Don’t forget to wipe a little flour on each other’s noses for the perfect photography accent.
  3. Planned Paint Fight: Find a corner in your garage, basement, or art studio where you can hang up tarps and plan for an actual paint fight. Yes, you heard that right! Or, if you don’t want to risk the mess, go outside with fabric-safe paint that you can throw at each other. Place the camera a safe distance away on a tripod and allow your inner child to bond with your children while you have a colorful outing.
  4. Frame Yourselves: It’s time to get artsy! Grab a large picture frame, or find one at a local yard sale, and hold it up with you and your kids in front of a wall in your home. Frame your faces and use a tripod to take pictures of yourselves inside of the frame. It’s a clever and sophisticated kind of at-home photo you will want to post on social media!

We’re here to help you catch these fleeting moments! That’s why we offer presets that will make your mommy memories priceless.

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