2021 Must-Haves for Busy Moms Everywhere

If there’s anything the crazy year of 2020 taught us, it’s that, as moms, it’s super important to always be prepared. Sure, we may not have seen a global pandemic coming, but there are products you can invest in that will make all the other little quirks of life feel as a mother feel much easier. From items for your babies or kiddos to special treats just to give back to yourself, it can seem like there’s a lot out there geared toward busy moms. However, if you’re looking for a condensed list of the essentials for this year, here are the top 2021 must-haves for busy moms who want to make their lives better and easier.

Baby First Aid Kit

This is one of the essentials you read about when you first become a mom: a baby first aid kit. It’s extremely important to make sure you have one of these before you end up needing something out of it. A well-stocked baby first aid bag should include nail clippers, bandages and antiseptic cream, a medicine dropper if your infant needs to take medicine, child-strength pain reliever, a rectal thermometer, and a nasal aspirator in case your baby is having a rough go of it with a sinus infection.

A Luxe Diaper Bag

Nobody wants to carry around a drab diaper bag, or worse: a neon-colored overstuffed shoulder bag that screams, “I am a mother and no I have not slept in days.” Treat yourself to a luxe diaper bag in simple black leather or nylon that could even double as a gym bag or a do-it-all carry-on travel bag.

Dry Erase Wall Calendar

If your kiddos are nearing the age of after school activities, school projects, and hangouts with friends, you need a wall calendar. Getting one that is dry erase means you can make quick changes throughout the monthly or weekly schedule. Plus, you’ll save a tree by not wasting reems of paper each year. A win-win for busy families everywhere. 

Electric Pressure Cooker

Kitchen gadgets may not all be exciting, but this one certainly is. An electric pressure cooker can help you plan and cook dinners in an instant. Many are programmable, too, so you can load up the ingredients for a quick meal, set it, and forget it. Well, at least until dinner time.

A Night Off

This one may seem like the hardest to come by, but it may also be the most important. If you can invest in a babysitter, enlist your spouse, or drop your kids off at a family member’s house for the night, do it. The number one thing busy moms need in their life is more time to themselves. Make a night of it: have a nice dinner, either takeout or homemade, watch something trashy on Netflix, and have a nice long soak in the bathtub. You give so much of your life to your kids, it’s time to take a little slice of your life just for you.


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